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The Research Center on Technology, Innovation, and Finance was established in 1990 by Cattolica U. of Milan.
CeTIF focuses on technological and organizational innovation in the banking and the financial industries. It investigates the adoption of innovative ICTs and their impacts on processes and organizational structures. The Bank of Italy (BI), the Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana, BI), the Italian Bankers' Association (ABI) and other important organizations founded CeTIF, which today works with many of the largest Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies. These institutions are key actors in the promotion of technological innovation as a business lever.
 CeTIF's Scientific Director is Federico Rajola; Chiara Frigerio is Deputy Secretary. Both have Dphils in Information Systems from the Faculty of Management at Cattolica U. of Milan, where they currently teach. CeTIF's research activities are selected and monitored by a Board, assisted by the Scientific Committee and the Program Committee. Topics for research can also be proposed by members of the Center. The Board of Directors comprises five individuals from the Management Faculty of Cattolica U. of Milan and three representatives of the Associated Banks. The Scientific Committee is responsible for defining guidelines and methodologies for the research activities and the quality of the research outputs.
 In order to compare research studies and experiences recorded at both national and European levels, CeTIF is currently fostering collaborative relationships with several financial and academic institutions, such as the Institut für Bankinformatik [Institute of Banking Informatics (IBI)] at Regensburg University (D), the Institute for Information Management at the University of St. Gallen (CH) and the Banque de France (F).
 CeTIF is also one of the main founders of FIT, the European Association of Research Centers on Finance & IT, which develops and shares innovative practices at the international level.